Friday, June 20, 2008

Blood Type or GenoType? Which is right for You?

If you're one of those, confused by different types of diets, offered by Dr. D'Adamo, quickly find out what's best for you by answering a simple yes - no quiz.

When done answering the questions, click 'Find Out' button and the confusion between Blood Type Diet and GenoType Diet that 'complement each other but work through different mechanisms' will be cleared once and for all.

Complete the quiz now! - It only takes a minute.



Korey and Crystal said...

When I took the quiz GenoType Diet was the recommended diet, it's a good thing though because I had already started it. I'm a Nomad, I haven't followed it to the "T" but I have felt a lot better since taking some of the supplements. I have had ear problems and since taking this diet my ear doesn't feel as full all of the times and a lot of the pain has gone away. I believe it is mostly the l-Arginine and Panax Ginseng that has helped me the most. I have written down some of the results and reviews of the genotype diet at my blog:

emmalane said...

otype diet was recommended in almost all occasions. The only tile the blood type diet was recommended was when I said I had a blood disorder and food allergies and said NO to everything else.

I am still not clear whether it is really a CHOICE or rather that the Genotype Diet is an evolution in the good Dr's thinking and now really redundant but he is not willing to say that as there are still books to sell?

Would love to know the answer.

emmalane said...

Sorry my earlier question got truncated. The beginning was that my GP recommended the Blood Type diet. I then went to get it & saw the new one. I did the online test to help decide which was the 'right' diet for me. the the genotype diet was recommended in all instances bar..see previous message. thanks